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Due to the recent earthquakes in Turkey my girlfriend lost her father, mother and 16-year-old little sister. At 4 AM in the morning the building they lived in collapsed on them and even though the eldest brother still heard their voices for hours – in lack of help, he was powerless to get them out.

Turgut Dermikent – the head of the family – was a dedicated, genuine and honest father; her wife Müjgan was an infinitely kind-hearted mother, and their little daughter Elif Sude was a purposeful teenager with a sparkling mind whose life ended way before it could really begin. The remaining children of the family are orphaned now, in deep grief without a home, job or any form of income. They have to leave the region and start over life somewhere else – which is even more difficult now that thousands of people must do the same simultaneously.

TO MANAGE THIS I am asking for your help. I am trying to do all I can to help them out in this period of mourning and pain, to give financial support for a living, food and receiving therapy if possible until they get back on their feet. _


Me and my family have already turned everything we could into money. I am only asking you to donate as much as you can spare, even if it is just the price of a single meal. There is no such thing as a donation too small.

You can do it in two ways:

Via bank transfer

The money sent to the account arrives for 100% sure and immediately.

NAME: Tomas Zsitva

IBAN: SK51 8360 5207 0042 0499 1545


Through the GoGetFunding website

You can donate quickly and conveniently, although the service takes 6.9% for transactions.

The page is in English, but after the “DONATE NOW” button, enter the amount and fill in your details. Later, you will receive a breakdown of the costs by e-mail.

I am already on site with the family, so they can access the donations immediately.

This is a private initiative, a fund of honor – I have no other choice due to time shortage, I, Tamás Zsitva, am personally responsible for everything. In return, I promise full transparency. Later, you will receive a breakdown of the costs by e-mail.

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Send a message to the family

Write a message in Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, English – we will translate it.

The Demirkent family is really thankful for your donation.